10 Genius Hacks To Increase Space Without Moving Home

Home extension is indeed one of the most budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing options to expand home space without shifting. Get inspired by these hacks to get your project kick off the ground

Growing family space needs making you worry?

Your compact home makes you consider the option of moving/shifting to a new one?

Wait for a second!

It’s more expensive to shift to a new house as it includes cost of buying plus the additional taxes.

Why not improve, rather than move?

It’s not only affordable, hassle -free and adds space but your little investment could drastically improve the property value as well!

Yes! Get inspired by these 10+ genius home space saving ideas to increase your home space without any need to shift or move.

Let’s dive in detail.

1. Porch Extension

Porch Extension

Wondering if you can extend the front of your home? OfCourse you can!

Adding a porch to the front of your home is a perfect way to glam up your featureless frontage as well as adore a good indoor practical storage space.

It’s better consulting a home extension specialist in UK to a get a design that suits your original architecture and is built in proportion according to the size of home.

A well-considered design will help you maximize on the amount of daylight and enhance a good value to your property.

Porch extension is an incredible option that connects indoors with outdoors. It’s worth considering if the front door of your home opens directly into the living area.

The brick-built porch construction in UK may take up to 1-2 week’s time depending on the materials and size.

2. Rear Extension

 Rear Extension

Don’t have enough space in the front for creating a porch?

Don’t worry. Go for a rear home extension.

Work over the rear space that extends onto your garden and can easily be repurposed into an additional room.

A rear extension transforms your outdoor unused space to create more inside space. Depending on your requirements, the extension can be single or double storey.

Proper and right use of doors and windows won’t let you feel that you’ve given up on your garden space. They’ll keep your space airy, well-lit and gives an open feel.

Connect the best construction company in UK for the best quote for rear extension of your space.

3. Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion

Space constraints in both front and rear part of home?

Don’t want to compromise on your front and rear space?

Look up!

Yes! It’s your unused attic space.

Loft conversion is indeed one of the best home space saving ideas that transforms the dead, unused attic space into aesthetically appealing functional rooms.

Browse Google for best loft conversion companies near me and get hold of an opportunity to convert your space into a space of your choice.

Depending on the loft conversion you pot for, you can turn your loft space into:

  • One bedroom or two bedrooms
  • Master en-suite bedroom
  • Playroom
  • Guest room
  • Home theater
  • Gym
  • Home Office
  • Kids room

And much more!

Most of the loft conversion types fall under permitted developments and do not require any additional permission.

Though, you need to comply through the building regulations or other agreements to ensure that the structural integrity of your space is not compromised.

A loft conversion immediately adds to a minimum of 10-15% to your property which is worth every penny spent!

4. Basement Conversion

Basement Conversion

Not interested in changing the look-n-feel of your home? Then explore this home space saving option.

Having an unused basement space? Why not use it to add the much-desired extra space.

Well, this option may be a bit expensive but in high-value areas it may be turn out to be one of the best home space savers when no other option seems working.

Ideal for:

  • Home office
  • Home theater
  • Guest room

So, plan you next get-together for your family or friends in your new basement, or give your teenager the desired privacy with his/her own personal room.

5. Side Extension

Side Extension

Living in a Georgian or Victorian era properties? They must be having side alleys that make side extension a bit easier and affordable.

These side alleys can be used to expand the width of the home.

Even if you don’t want to use alleyway, a side extension can help you add approximately 3m on an average to your space.

A side extension is a classic way that turns your claustrophobic, small kitchen into a spacious kitchen-diner that has plenty of room to host and cook.

6. Kitchen Extension

Today, the modern kitchens aren’t just the places to cook, but have eventually transformed into spaces for socializing, living, playing, doing homework etc.

In a nutshell, a kitchen is now a place where the life happens!

A kitchen extension is a perfect way to give a makeover to your awkward and cramped looking kitchen space.

You can use the side-return to extend the kitchen and make it look spacious.

Just a simple change of layout and feel the natural light pouring in and the contemporary appliances are like cherry on the top.

Contact the best kitchen extension company near you to turn your kitchen space into a multi-functional one. The experts will help you design a layout for an open-plan space that integrates all the sub-areas into one.

You can further use bi-folding, French or sliding doors to amplify the connection of the new kitchen extension to the garden.

7. Garage Conversion

modern living room design with sofa set and sceneries

As the cars have become bigger and bigger, garages are often taken as the dumping ground for excess items.

So, in case you don’t have the space and budget to extend the home space, transforming your garage into a living area can turn out to be most cost-effective way.

Things to consider before a garage conversion:

If the floor and walls of the garage are stable as well as the roof is waterproof, you can easily convert your garage into a habitable space.

But in case, the structure inside needs repair and isn’t integral, then building it from scratch (after demolishing) would be better than reworking on it.

The best thing about garage conversion is that you can do it yourself. Professionals take around 9-20 days to give a complete makeover to your garage.

8. Above-Garage room conversion

Innovative Wardrobe Designs

This is one of the best home space saving ideas that not only saves your ground space but offers a good return on investment over the property.

It’s advisable to reach out for a design expert in UK to know whether your structure is sound or not and can bear additional load.

Don’t want to compromise on your garden space? Then, going for above-garage room extension is an ideal pick. Building regulations will comply and you may need to seek permissions form local authority.

9. Orangery or Conservatory Home Extension

Orangery or Conservatory Home Extension

Looking for some natural home extension ideas that can blend well with the existing architecture of the home, then go for conservatory or an orangery.

You can choose between contemporary to period-style, as these are available in various guises and is indeed a cost-effective way to add space.


  • Let the natural light flood in
  • Adds to home value
  • Can easily be transformed to a living space such as tranquil lounge, home gym, dining area, cosy family room or a home office.
  • Bespoke designs

10.  Sunrooms

Conservatory design

Sunroom is just like a conservatory with the main objective to increase indoor space and let in ample amount of natural light.

The main advantage of sunroom is that it can be connected to home’s central heating as it is built as a part of home or is like a home extension.

These fantastic sunrooms can be converted into second living rooms or a cheerful dining room. They are usually made up of PVC or glass which further reduces the material cost.

Some additional space saving hacks to try

11. Garden Room

Garden Room

If you don’t score on space and there is no scope of home extension, then going for garden room could offer you a great solution.

You can easily convert it into your child’s play area, cinema room or even home office. You can use it for your small get-togethers to enjoy the weather.

12. Space-Saving Bespoke Furniture

Space-Saving Bespoke Furniture

Off-the-shelf furniture often creates problems if you try to decorate your home as it consumes unnecessary space.

Turning to tailor-made or bespoke furniture helps you save huge on your space plus create excellent storage opportunities.

13. Innovative Wardrobe Designs

Innovative Wardrobe Designs

A lot of space is wasted with free-standing wardrobes that come in pre-determined sizes.

Aside from looking out of place and stealing the spotlight from other valuable pieces of your interior decor, it eats up critical spaces that can be used for other purposes.

Bespoke or fitted wardrobes are designed according to the room size, dimensions and your requirements.

The exceptional feature of a fitted wardrobe is that it can create innovative storage from impossible places from the stair, corridor, high ceiling, to the bay area, to a sliding wardrobe by your bedside bed.

You can give them a look as per your style, taste and needs!

Winding up

These were some great and inspiring ways that help you increase your home space without any need to shift or move.

Whether you go for a home extension, Loft conversion, garage conversion or other options, do look out for best construction companies near you for the right advice and services.

You don’t have to break the bank to add additional space to your home, just check which of these hacks suits your requirements and Get Set Go!

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