20+ bungalow loft conversion ideas

Bungalow loft conversion is one of the brilliant ways to add space and value to your abode in your budget. Here’s everything that you need to know about types, cost, planning, regulations, ideas and feasibility scenarios for Bungalow Loft Conversion.


These days, bungalows are one of the much sought-after types of properties that people like to buy in the UK.
The reason is that, bungalows have the potential to expand upwards that not only adds space inside but significantly adds value to your property.
So, if you are planning to buy a bungalow or already having a one and considering its extension, then here is everything you want to know about a bungalow loft conversion.

What is bungalow loft conversion?

What is bungalow loft conversion

Dreaming to have your own home theater or an extra bedroom or a home office for your new business in your bungalow but running short of space?
Just look up!

Most of the bungalows have sufficient headspace for the creation of a new storey and can be made habitable by adding a staircase and roof lights.
A bungalow loft conversion is performed by transforming the space available underneath the roof into a livable area.
This conversion offers plenty of space to be utilized and sometimes, it can even double the living area by adding a complete storey to your bungalow.

You can easily go for partition walls that allow you to create more rooms and can install Velux windows or roof lights to increase illumination and ventilation of the new space.

Why bungalows are ideal for loft conversion? 

It is believed that around 40% of the space in bungalows remains unused due to their traditional pitched roofs.

As the bungalows have a large floor plan, it gives you a fantastic option to convert the attic space into a great liveable area.

The bungalows constructed before 1960s turn out to be ideal for the loft conversions as they have huge, voluminous spaces underneath the loft.

Their walls have those load-bearing capabilities to support the new rooms.

If your headspace or headroom is insufficient, get in touch with loft conversion specialists. They will work out all the options for gaining headspace.

In short, have a look at why bungalows are considered ideal for the loft conversion.

  • Large roof spaces make the conversion easier and affordable.
  • You may even get the same space as you have on ground level.
  • Huge returns on investment.
  • Most of the bungalow loft conversion does not require any planning permission.
  • The internal walls are solid, which in turn ensure the integrity of the new structure.
  • Great for home office home theatre, master bedroom with ensuite.

Types of Bungalow loft conversion

There are mainly four types of loft conversions that are best suitable for a bungalow.
The conversion completely depends on the existing structure. These are:

  • Velux Loft Conversion for Bungalows 

This type of loft conversion for bungalows does not require any major structural changes.

No extra additions are made and only the space inside the roof is used.

Velux windows or skylights are used to make sure that the room is well lit, bright and perfectly ventilated.

The cost of Velux loft conversion for bungalows starts at £24,000.

  • Dormer loft conversion for Bungalows 

Dormers are like box-like structures that protrude from the hipped roof and are constructed at 90° with the floor.

These dormers deliver a good head height that allows having a master bedroom along with an attached bathroom in the loft.

You can have more than one dormer on your roof or one large dormer to increase the space.

For bungalows, the cost of dormer loft conversion starts from £35,000 and can go up to £55,000.

  • Hip to Gable Bungalow loft Conversion 

Most of the semi-detached bungalows have hipped roofs and are sloping on all four sides.

Here the ridgeline is extended to form a gable wall that transforms the existing space with superb head height as well as floor area.

The cost of Hip to Gable Bungalow Loft conversion starts from £40,000 and may go upto £50,000.

  • Mansard Loft Conversion for Bungalow

Mansard loft conversion though costly, but is a perfect option in case you are looking to add a new storey to your bungalow.

There are two slopes, one is steep and the other is almost flat. The new walls have a slope of 72 degrees that offer a great headroom and impart an elegant look to the exteriors.

Additionally, adding a dormer to the mansard loft conversion would make your loft conversion bungalow aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

The average cost of this conversion falls between £48,000.

Benefits of a Bungalow Loft Conversion

Well, as already mentioned above, the space beneath the lofts in a bungalow accounts for 40% of the total space available.

Not utilizing this space is a waste.

Let’s understand some of the benefits of Bungalow loft conversion:

  • Increased Living space

Over the years, British homes have become smaller resulting in an ever-increasing desire for more space.

The bungalows constructed in 1960 are voluminous and are ideal for bungalow loft conversion. Be it their structural integrity or huge lofts, bungalows have a great potential to get more space out of lofts.

  • Increased Property Value

Having additional bedrooms in your loft not only improve the value of your property but would make your property sell like hotcakes.

These can attract even the discerning of customers and make your bungalow appear like a potential property to the buyers.

This loft conversion pushes the resale value of your home to a minimum of 20%.

Any extension made upwards preserves the exterior s well as the garden area which ensures that the property still remains attractive to the buyers.

  • Growing family needs

Children are slowly transitioning into young teenagers, they need their own space, more room and privacy of course.

By undergoing loft conversion bungalow, you can easily make out space, get a bigger living or bedroom for your growing family needs.

Even if you have the elderly with you, you can keep their bedroom on the ground floor and shift you upstairs.

  • Eliminates the need to move

Bungalow loft conversion allows you a provision to expand your space upwards which means that no more shifting homes and other expenses that accompany it.

Is planning permission required for bungalow loft conversion?

Bungalow loft conversions usually don’t require any planning permissions as they come under the permitted development right except in a few cases.

If the bungalow is located in conservation area or restricted area, then a planning application may be required to be submitted.

Apart from that, as per permitted development loft conversions, the total volume of the new additions cannot exceed 50m3for a detached property and 40m3 for semi-detached or terraced bungalows.

Have a look at important planning permission rules:

  1. The height of the building cannot be increased or raised.
  2. The roof windows can be installed on either side of the bungalow, rear or front.
  3. The construction of dormers or anything that protrudes out from the roof in the front of the property (property facing the highway) is restricted.
  4. Balconies and other raised platforms are not permitted.
  5. The materials that are used in construction should give the same appearance as of the existing bungalow.
  6. The new side-facing windows (if any) should be obscure-glazed so as to maintain the privacy.

Even if all the things fall in place, it is always better to check with the Local Planning Authority as there may be some latest updates that only they know.

In case you have applied for planning permission, expect a time of eight weeks to get the application approved.

The fee may cost around £200.

Do any building regulations apply to Bungalow loft conversions?

Yes, complying with building regulations is a must for every type of loft conversion.

You need to file a notice to the local building authority office stating your intent to go for a bungalow loft conversion.

Building regulations are important to comply with as they focus on the integrity of the structure.

Apart from that other aspects need to be covered such as insulation, waterproofing, accessibility etc.

Is Party wall agreement required?

For terraced and semi-detached properties, a party wall agreement is required to be served to neighbours sharing the common wall.

This is to make sure that the new construction will not damage their property.

The notice should be served atleast two months before the proposed start date.

Are there restrictions on the type of loft conversion for bungalows?

Well, there are not any major restrictions. The only restrictions on a bungalow loft conversion are related to property size, height and pitch of the roof.

Most of the conversions don’t require any planning permission except mansard as it involves major structural alterations.

How Much Does a Bungalow Loft Conversion Cost?

As a bungalow’s loft is of the same size as the property’s footprint, the loft conversion turns out to be rewarding in terms of both space and value.

The cost depends on the how much area is converted. But one thing is for sure, the average loft conversion cost for bungalows is much less than loft conversion for houses.

The simple Velux loft conversion for bungalows costs around £20k to £25k for a normal bedroom design.

In short, the basic loft conversion for bungalows starts from £20,000 for the basic finish. For a high-quality finish it may cost you an extra £10,000.

A dormer loft conversion for bungalows typically starts from £35,000 and go upto £55,000 depending on the design, quality of materials etc.

A huge habitable space can be added by undergoing mansard loft conversion for your bungalow. It starts from £55,000 and may go up to £70,000.

Other factors affecting the cost of bungalow loft conversion

Here are some other factors apart from type of loft conversion that impacts your overall cost of bungalow loft conversion.

  • Size

Size is one of the main factors affecting the bungalow loft conversion cost.

The more the space that needs to be converted, more will be cost as it directly influences the labour, more materials and hence, more time.

  • Quality of Finish

It’s the fittings and finishes that straightway impact the budget for the loft conversion.

A high-quality and superior finish will cost more than a low, mediocre one.

  • Type of Property

Things are pretty easier for detached properties while things can be a bit complicated with terraced and semi-detached bungalows.

A detached bungalow will have a voluminous loft. On the other hand, the lofts spaced are restricted in terraced bungalow.

  • Location

It’s the location that determines the cost of transportation of materials and labour costs.

Going for a loft conversion for a bungalow within the city may be costlier than having one in the outer area.

  • Structural Strength 

Most of the bungalows in today’s time are not designed to bear the weight of rooms in lofts.

Some structural improvements and enhancements need to be implemented before converting the loft of the bungalow, which may increase the cost.

It is always advisable to contact a structural engineer or loft conversion professionals, for better guidance and ground report.

Time taken to complete bungalow loft conversion  

Taking about time, if everything goes well with all permissions granted, a bungalow loft conversion takes less than 2 months (6-8 weeks) to complete.
For bungalows that require planning permission, add around 8 weeks more in the total timeframe.

In case the application gets rejected, it may take months for the entire thing to process.

Bungalow Loft Conversion Ideas

Here are some best bungalow lost conversion ideas to make your bungalow awesome in both space and value.

Let these ideas be your inspiration for your loft designs.

Beautiful Bungalow Loft Conversion with three Dormers

1. Beautiful Bungalow Loft Conversion with three Dormers 

Add a new storey with Bungalow Loft conversion

2. Add a new storey with Bungalow Loft conversion 

Bungalow Loft Conversion design ideas from rear

3. Bungalow Loft Conversion design ideas from rear 

Modest and simple Bungalow Loft Conversion design

4. Modest and simple Bungalow Loft Conversion design 

Semi-detached Bungalow loft Conversion in the town

5. Semi-detached Bungalow loft Conversion in the town 

Detached Bungalow Loft conversion with balcony

6. Detached Bungalow Loft conversion with balcony 

Stunning Hip to Gable Bungalow loft conversion

7. Stunning Hip to Gable Bungalow loft conversion  

Beautiful single course bricked bungalow loft conversion

8. Beautiful single course bricked bungalow loft conversion 

Front side hip to Gable loft conversion bungalow

9. Front side hip to Gable loft conversion bungalow

Lawn facing bungalow loft conversion design

10. Lawn facing bungalow loft conversion design

Detached bungalow loft conversion with gable window

11. Detached bungalow loft conversion with gable window 

Bungalow loft conversion for single garage

12. Bungalow loft conversion for single garage 

Two dormers bungalow loft conversion

13. Two dormers bungalow loft conversion  

Illuminate the space with skylight bungalow loft conversion

14. Illuminate the space with skylight bungalow loft conversion

Traditional Bungalow loft conversion with brickwork

15. Traditional Bungalow loft conversion with brickwork 

Single dormer bungalow loft conversion design

16. Single dormer bungalow loft conversion design 

Simple & Small bungalow loft conversion design

17. Simple & Small bungalow loft conversion design

Attractive & modish bungalow loft conversion

18. Attractive & modish bungalow loft conversion

Space optimised bungalow loft conversion 

19. Space optimised bungalow loft conversion 

Wide dormer bungalow loft conversion rear

20. Wide dormer bungalow loft conversion rear 

Spacious bungalow loft conversion for growing kids

21. Spacious bungalow loft conversion for growing kids

Cross-hipped bungalow loft conversion design

22. Cross-hipped bungalow loft conversion design 

Advantages & disadvantages of Bungalow loft conversion

Who doesn’t wants to add new space to their home?

Bungalow loft conversions are increasingly becoming popular in many areas in the UK and other European countries.

Let’s have a look at their potential advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of converting bungalow loft conversion

  • Gain good amount of space
  • Cheaper as compared to normal loft conversion in homes
  • Doesn’t require planning permission except for a few cases.
  • Adds immense value to your property
  • Makes your home look beautiful and spacious

Disadvantages of loft conversion bungalow

Most of the bungalows were not meant to be expanded for the loft conversion. So, they lack structural integrity.

The load-bearing walls may be altered or additional structures may be required to ensure that your property holds the additional floor.

But, that’s not a major issue as most of the bungalow loft conversion companies are specialists in that and are experts at dealing with this.

Is the Loft of my Bungalow Suitable for Conversion?

Mostly, all the bungalows are suitable for loft conversion except the ones having a very low pitched roof that creates a problem for sufficient headroom.

The headroom for the new space should be a minimum of 2.4 m.

You can measure it by taking the measuring tape and keeping one end at the joists and the other at the ridge beam in the centre.

Another thing that you need to consider is whether your existing floor can support the new loft floor without disturbing the party walls.

Bottom Line 

Going for a bungalow loft conversion is an ideal and best suited option to meet your growing space needs without any need to shift.

We are UK’s one of the most trusted and preferred loft construction professionals that offer full loft conversion services from scratch to a beautiful loft.

If you are considering an option to move or shift as you are not able to cope with growing space needs, consider expansion of your bungalow once.

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