How To Design A Small Bathroom Remodel

Having a small bathroom space is no excuse for settling for a basic bathroom design and give up on great personalization and functionality. Revamping your bathroom offers plenty of benefits to you, such as; 

  • A more personalised space 
  • Optimal use of your bathroom space 
  • Creative, innovative storage accessories 
  • A more energy-efficient space 
  • Lower running cost 
  • Adds monetary value to your property 

What To Consider When Remodelling Your Small Bathroom 

Since you are pressed for space, you must think carefully about what must be included in the limited space that you have. Apart from the bathroom essentials, you should consider; 

  • Taking people’s attention away from the room size using bold wallpapers and colour splash to make a design statement 
  • Using textured materials that adds a luxurious character to the bathroom space, therefore making it larger 
  • Using floating shelves, corner units, and open shelves to maximise every inch of available space without cluttering the bathroom 
  • Making the space very bright to make it feel larger than it is. You can also choose a darker theme to create an “enveloping” feel. 
  • Fitting a skylight (if it is feasible) for an influx of natural light 
  • Adding an oversized mirror to bounce light around the room 

To completely overhaul your small bathroom, here are some small bathroom ideas that you can incorporate into your remodeling to get the best bathroom space for your relaxation pleasure; 

A Wet Room

Rising in demand across the UK, a wet room is a 100% watertight space created using a waterproof membrane to seal the walls and floors. There is no need for a shower enclosure or tray since it consists of a fully tiled shower area.

Wet rooms are great space-saving options. By removing the bath, you open up your bathroom space and fit in other bathroom accessories and fixtures. With a wet room, you get a stylish bathroom that fits your space perfectly. 

Floating Bathroom

Due to the allure and modern appeal that it adds to a bathroom, floating bathrooms have surged in recent times, with homeowners desiring floating fixtures for their custom design and space-saving option.

Especially for tight spaces. A floating bathroom is a bathroom with fixtures (toilet, basins, vanity units) hanging on the wall. It creates the illusion of a floating bathroom since the fixtures do not extend all the way to the floor. This is an excellent option for your small bathroom remodel since they don’t extend to the wall, giving the illusion of ample space. 

The floating bathroom offers functionality, making it very useful, especially if you have kids or an elderly with a wheelchair. It also provides flexible storage as well as practicality. 

Choose Underfloor Heating

Instead of a bulky radiator or towel rails covering your bathroom and unnecessarily eating up bathroom space that can be used for other fixtures, opt for underfloor heating and declutter your space. 

Underfloor heating feels nice to walk on, especially in the cold winter, and you have a choice between electric or water underfloor heating. The only challenge you may have if you are on a budget is that underfloor heating doesn’t come cheap. To find out, read our blog on how much does underfloor heating costs? 

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