Introduction to Types of home extension: House Extension

House extension ideas are a smart and crisp way to extend a living space without moving to another area and investing thousands of pounds.

The meaning of a home extension is designing an extra functional structure or a room on either side of a space to increase the available space and its effect on the property.

Need to build an extension – Home extension London.

In the UK, adding an extension to home structures are a popular way to improve the practical demand of a home as it innovatively serves the space in different ways.

Here are some of its main significances according to house extension experts in the UK:

  • It refreshes and lifts the space’s appearance while making the home luxurious.
  • Bespoke house extensions are ideal for making a spacious living area to extend a room with personal choices.
  • Home extensions make the place look smart, advanced, modern and an all-rounder for attracting house seekers and real-estate marketers.
  • Front extension and loft conversion blend in the inner and outer structure beauty.

7+ Spectacular Home Extension Plans in 2023

Introduction to Types of home extension: House Extension

Home extension builders construct several designs, types and distinctive sizes depending on what clients look for. The given list of popular luxury home extension styles adds value to any space:

1. Luxury Side home extension

Luxury Side home extension

Do you have an extra space at the house side? Make it useful and contact the best larger home extension near me who can utilize the available dimensions productively.

This home extension is perfect for extending kitchens, bedrooms, offices or a kids’ playroom. The glass doors and bi-folding doors can be installed for the finishing.

2. Front and Rear house extension ideas

Front and Rear house extension ideas

Front extensions are the best way to give an edgy house entrance to convert a plain doorway into an enjoyable sitting or small living area zone. Add some fresh plants and wooden furniture for an inspiring and welcoming glance.

Whereas rear extension ideas are perfect for an uplifting patio or a backyard garden. Also, the extra space can be best utilized for making a conservatory home garden for growing rare veggies and fruits.

3. Single and double-story home extension

Single and double-story home extension

Single-story house extension means extending space to the ground floor only with a side attached to the existing structure.

The area can be designed for an extra bedroom, TV room, study room or any utility place.

On the other side, when two floors are designed to increase home space and value, the extending unit is a double-story home extension. It requires planning permission and is fruitful for adding maximum property value.

4. Attic conversion extensions spacious luxury design

Loft conversion extension is a common favourite in the UK, and it provides the ultimate benefits, privacy, warmth, protective space and a beautiful addition to the home structure.

Depending on a home’s size and roof structure, you would have multiple options to decide which kind of loft conversion you want to add as a home extension.

Besides, some lofts require planning permission, which the loft professional will let you know.

5. Bespoke Garage house extension idea of the UK

Bespoke Garage house extension idea of the UK

These home extension ideas are built on already constructed garage space that needs to be in use. Making an extra room here would be an excellent choice as it won’t require any permission and disturbance to other house rooms.

Ensure that the garage still holds a strong foundation for carrying the brand-new construction of an extension. However, the best home construction experts in the UK always check the spots 100%.

6. Home extension for a gym and a bar

Gym lovers can use available space inside their house, beside the kitchen or behind the living room. It is especially worth considering if the area connects to the kitchen or a garden.

A bar extension is another way of extending a room that connects to another resident’s room. Ambient lighting, dark theme patterns, bold colours and furniture must be placed at bar extensions.

7. A most beautiful conservatory home extension design

A most beautiful conservatory home extension design

Generally made of UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) materials, timber wood, and aluminium; the conservatory home extensions are the most beautiful addition one can ever pick.

They are transparent and installed with glass fittings that genuinely add an expensive and luxurious taste.

This calming area is best for making a greenhouse or a sunroom for winter. However, summer can be harsh for home extensions due to its accessibility to the outer atmosphere.

8. Garden room extension attached to the house

Another incredible way other than terraced house extension is adding a pretty and cute garden space to the structure where you can plant and nurture the flora. Consider this extension plan for freshen up atmosphere and making the home inviting.

All in all, it is safe to say that the House extension provide:

  • A cost-effective way to improve the quality of life.
  • The standard of a home.
  • Overall appearance with adding value.

House Extension Cost UK

According to the home extension architect in London, the cost is variable as per the details, material, project duration, quality and labour force.

Also, customization and the total construction area contribute immensely to deciding home extension cost price.

Consult an experienced and talented home extension builder in the UK, and they will provide precise information.

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You can consider the given house extension designs for maximizing your space most acceptably and practically. Identify your preferences, taste and aesthetic demands and communicate clearly to house extensions experts.

The best construction company will ensure foundation conditions and roof structure before starting the procedure.

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