Why should kids have separate room and What should every kids room have? | With Perfect kids room design ideas

Parents are the author of a kid’s story. They want to give best to their kids, be it education, living, clothes or the perfect upbringing.

Around 1/3rd of the children’s time is spent at home and it’s the most comforting space where small moments evolve into memories.

There is no second thought that a child’s behaviour, growth, and development are highly influenced by their bedroom environment.

In this blog, we’ll explore the need to have a separate child room, design elements that a kid’s room should have and some trending kids bedroom ideas.

Why it’s important to have a separate kids bedroom?

Why it’s important to have a separate kids bedroom

Having a separate kids room can prove a milestone in the child’s overall development.

Be it cognitive skills, academic performance, behaviour or creativity, a kids bedroom plays a vital role in shaping the personality of the child.

Let’s have a look at the importance of having a separate bedroom for kids.

UK Rules defines the age

Most of the parents Google the question that at what age should a child have their own room by law UK?

According to the latest amendments made in section 325 of the Housing Act 1985, it is mandatory for a child of age 10 to have an independent room.

Neither the parents nor the siblings shall share the same room.

Room is a child’s best learning area

Completing the assignments and the homework the kids get from the school, need a quiet and peaceful place as they are learning new concepts every day.

Rooms such as dining, living or even the parent’s room can be distracting and can harm their learning spree.

Separate kids room enables them to work with full focus and concentration without any disturbance.

Meeting their growing privacy needs

As the children grow, they are more concerned about having a personal space.

A place where they can dress/undress comfortably, hide their toys or personal belongings from their younger siblings.

This comforting separate room instils a feeling of calmness and safety amongst them.

Quiet and peaceful space aids in better sleep

It has been noticed that most the children struggle with their sleep.

A peaceful and quite kids room not only aids in better sleep  but also proves to be a boon for an introvert child who wants to stay alone.

Makes a child responsible, independent and organized

It’s a human behaviour that they are more concerned about their “own things”.

When the kids have their own room, it automatically makes them responsible to keep their room clean and organised.

It also boosts a sense of belongingness.

Boost kids’ creativity & well being

When kids are made to participate in the planning process of their own room, it gives them an excellent opportunity to give wings to their creativity and personality.

The kid may be interested in playing guitar or any other hobby, a separate space will given them ample room to work and pursue their hobbies.

Impacts children’s social life

Self-expression and confidence are two perfect ingredients of a great social life.

By having a separate room, kids feel more comfortable in calling their friends to home for play or study or cousins for a sleepover.

This certainly helps them make fun-filled memories.

Guidelines for Parents Before designing kids room

Guidelines for Parents Before designing kids room

Ready to make a separate kids room for your child? Here are some guidelines to follow that’ll help you get a better version of your expectations.

Safety of your child

While designing any element such as kids bedroom furniture, bed, study table etc, utmost care should be maintained to ensure the safety of the child.

Plan it properly

It’s always better to plan mentally and then begin with the things.

You may consult a good architect or a trusted construction company London to get the best out of your space.

For kids, keep it as less cluttered as possible.

Involve child in designing

Get the child involved in the decision making and other designing process.

This will open them up and their little brains filled with immense creativity will come up with wonderful ideas.

Avoid too much furniture

Kids bedroom furniture should be simple and less so it gives ample space to the kid to play without getting lost in the clutter.

Keeping the design simple

Don’t over complicate the design of the kids bedroom. Add more shelves to keep games, toys and books.

The design should be flexible so that it can be changed to meet the growing needs and demands of the kids.

Design elements to consider while designing Kids Bedroom

Design elements to consider while designing Kids Bedroom

A kids bedroom act as everything- their play zone, learning area, sleeping area and much more.

Have a look at kids bedroom design elements to consider when you plan deciding the room of your kids.

Colours effect the mood patterns

The environment of the room greatly impacts the growth and development of the child as well as act as a stress-free and calm haven.

Opt for bright and light shades of red, green or yellow. These colours are known to infuse positive vibes and stimulate creativity amongst kids.

Going for Gray, beige or other pastel hues will inculcate calmness and tranquillity in kids’ behaviour.

You may choose to some interesting wall stickers or wall art and other decorations that add a contrasting colour pop to the room.

Better Light for improved concentration and mood enhancement

Lighting can be a game changer as it can actually make or break the aesthetics of entire room.

The lighting of kids bedroom should strike a blend between natural and artificial light.

Adept focus on ventilation and number of windows with matching curtains can add to the look and feel of the room.

Interior Design that infuses strong sense of identity

The environment surrounding the kids reflects their interests and budding personality.

  • Reading corners under skylights in a kids bedroom aid in quick learning and keeping a kid happy.
  • Adding a smart wall that displays their drawings and creative designs.
  • A space that turns into their play zone, gaming zone, learning or music zone.
  • A wardrobe such as glass or walk-in makes them confident about their selection of outfits.
  • A display shelf that contains their novelties or trophies or their recognitions.

Dedicated Walls & skid -free floors for confident living

Plan a theme and keep a dedicated wall for your kids to plan out and decorate it with their creativity.

This wall act as a canvas that boosts the kid’s creativity.

Opt for skid-free flooring options that turn the kids bedroom safe for them.

Go for lead-free paints and eco-friendly building materials for your kids bedroom.

Modern and functional children’s bedroom furniture

Do not create a mess by using space consuming furniture. Keep it compact and multi-functional.

This will keep the kids bedroom spacious and give them proper room to play and enjoy.

Also, make sure that the furniture should not have sharp edges as it may hurt the child and it should be splinter resistant as well.

Full in love with captivating soft furnishings

Soft furnishings such as bed linen, cushions, rugs, curtains, pillows and blankets give the desired texture to the room and add a sense of coziness.

Using bright prints will inspire the kids and captivate their attention plus makes them fall in love with their bedroom.

Perfect Kids Room Design Ideas

Have a look at some trending and inspiring childrens bedroom ideas that’ll help deicide and pick best one for you.

1.      Kids bedroom with Green Background

Kids bedroom with Green Background

Looking for something really subtle? This design in green background keeps you sorted.

The beautiful white computer table teamed up with yellow chair with cushions serve as a perfect place for your growing kid’s needs.

2.      Spice up kids bedroom design with striking wall decorations 

Spice up kids bedroom design with striking wall decorations 

The beautiful wall decorations on a pastel wall steal the attraction and make the child feel playful with a great ambience.

The rug can be beautifully used to separate the play zone from study table and bedroom.

3.      Modern and Sleek child bed room furniture

Modern and Sleek child bed room furniture

Be it girl or boys bedroom ideas, a space saving functional furniture will turn even a small room appear spacious.

Checkout the placement of wall shelves that help the keep all the mess sorted.

4.      Inspiring Kids room design in White

Inspiring Kids room design in White

Looking for kids bedroom ideas for growing kids? Then this design is worth the customization.

The bed with a side table can be used to keep all kids’ personal things while the mid-sized cabinets with drawers can be used to keep essentials such as stationery, toys and books.

5.      Kids bedroom with Brick texture and open storage

Kids bedroom with Brick texture and open storage

Checkout this amazing design for kids beds for small rooms with one wall in bricked pattern creating an eye-catching classic look.

Open shelves aids in better placement of things by offering lots of open storage and ease of accessibility.

6.      Child room design with rustic interior design

Child room design with rustic interior design

This beautiful rustic kids bedroom design in wood and wooden flooring offers a rich and warm look.

The perfect use of windows allows sunlight and illuminate the room naturally.

7.      Child room furniture with amazing modular wardrobe

Child room furniture with amazing modular wardrobe

The main attraction of this room is the modular wardrobe and colorful design beside the bed.

Concealed lighting and the floor to ceiling wardrobe has very catchy handles that takes the look of the room to another level.

8.      Star-studded kids bedroom with mirror wardrobe

Star-studded kids bedroom with mirror wardrobe

This modern classy kids bedroom design is perfect for your universe loving-child that gives wings to his planetary dreams.

The Ottoman bed offers extra space for toys and belongings.

Cute Wardrobes with mirror not only saves the space but help the kid to get dressed up to the nines.

9.      Contemporary children’s bed with drawers and big windows

Contemporary childrens bed with drawers and big windows

A fresh sea green coloured room imparts a vibrant look to the entire room.

The unique design of bed having three drawers steals the show as the showstopper.

10. Children bed room with a lot of wood

Children bed room with a lot of wood

This sleek childrens bedroom furniture brings out a playful ambience and a good storage to hold kids personal items.

The study table, bedside shelves and the recessed lighting panels ensure that the child has everything that is required.

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Bottom Line 

A child room plays a key role in kid’s life as it helps keep them independent, responsible and enable them to concentrate well through their journey of childhood.

Pick your favourite kids bedroom design idea, customize it and the room is ready for your kid to play. The best part of these designs is that they are completely flexible and blend well with kids’ growing needs.

Loved them? Stay tuned with us for more such trending, unique and amazing designs for your home.

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