Top 10 Bespoke Kitchen Designs by TEL Constructions

The internet is full of kitchen design knowledge and inspirations, but with so many designs and suggestions floating on the internet, it is challenging to find what suits them best to your kitchen space. But what if you can choose a design that is exclusively crafted for your kitchen space only? Yes, with bespoke kitchen designs, it is now possible to get the unique kitchen design exclusively for your cooking space.

Increasingly, people choose to install bespoke kitchen designs to create a truly one-of-a-kind design that reflects their lifestyle and personality. Rather than settling for the limited choices to fit in the space, bespoke kitchens offer a wide range of options that allow you to choose the style and materials based on your choice and preferences. The best part is that everything is built around your vision only.

Bespoke Kitchen Designs!

With bespoke kitchen design solutions, awkwardly opening cabinets, flat pack furniture, frustration, and unmatched color palettes are no longer a question. But the question arises here, is it worth the investment? Well, you will be happy to know that choosing the bespoke kitchen design is worth every penny you spend as it is crafted uniquely as per your space and taste.

Everything can be shaped and crafted to fit your space and lifestyle, from cabinets to appliances, backsplashes, preparation surfaces, and tiles. Whatever the challenges your area has, including the complicated corners and wonky walls, bespoke kitchens are the flexible solutions to cater to it all. They are built around the space you have utilized every inch and offer maximized storage while maintaining the space aesthetically.

Are you stuck on ideas? Here are some of the bespoke kitchen designs tailored as per the client’s space and requirements by Us.

Angular kitchen design in timeless white

Angular kitchen design in timeless white

This aurora style L-shaped kitchen in pristine white adjusted with appropriate lighting never lacks matching the taste and style. White opens up the compact kitchen space appearing big using glossy white interiors for the cooking space. It keeps the kitchen space bright and never compromises on natural light.

This quirky open storage and sitting area make the heart of your home more accessible, organized, and a perfect family gathering place.


Two-toned kitchen fitting corners

Two-toned kitchen fitting corners

Why settle for a single color when you can choose a monochromatic fusion for the space to add that royal feel. The black and white combination is a super classy pick offering enough storage space to keep the kitchen stuff organized. The hinged cabinets and open storage give shelter to all the kitchen stuff, and the combination provides enough light reflection that you don’t have to compromise on the natural light.


Kitchen designs in the dark hue

Kitchen designs in the dark hue

The dark-toned insignia kitchen design is offering love for food and beauty at the same time. The open shelves and closed cabinets are the perfect picks to accommodate all the groceries and kitchen-related stuff. Offering enough cooking space, natural light, and sitting area, making it an ideal get-together place for cooking and eating together. No separate cooking and eating, as the spacious kitchen space offers simultaneous functions.


Excellent Grey middle cooking space

Excellent Grey middle cooking space

Who says that the kitchen cooking spaces are bound to the angled shapes only? Look at this beautifully crafted middle cooking space in combination with wooden flooring. And the grey and black combination is making it more aesthetically appealing. A realistic yet functional setup to get that lively feel with the perfect color combinations and ample space.


Elegant kitchen design with a monochromatic fusion

Elegant kitchen design with a monochromatic fusion

The monochrome fusion blended with wooden workspace is a mesmerizing combination offering a contemporary and modular look simultaneously. The black and white combination never lacks in adding grace to the interiors and didn’t lack in this design as well.

The wooden choice below the worktop is accentuating the look and matching the traditional taste of many. The countertop marble or other material can be chosen per choice, making it a perfect pick for every house.


A pop of color in kitchen design makes the difference

A pop of color in kitchen design makes the difference.

This cheerful kitchen is the perfect blend of yellow and grey that is guaranteed to lift the spirits. This kitchen design has an abundance of cabinets in grey panels with no handles. The grey backsplash adds a dash of life to the kitchen design. It offers multiple storage options making it as functional as beautiful—the perfect blend of usable kitchen space with no compromise in the beauty.


Best kitchen designs with wooden basics

Best kitchen designs with wooden basics

The kitchen designs are the most expensive furnishings in the house as it goes through the maximum wear and tear. And wooden kitchen designs never lack in maintaining the durability and providing aesthetic to the kitchen space. Warm wood tones are the most basic and traditional designs that keep the kitchen theme functional and classy.

With the variety of wooden cabinets, you can keep the whole kitchen stuff well organized. The sitting area beside is a perfect way to do multitasking and perform household work with ease and a sense of relaxation.


Classy and functional kitchen designs in neutral tones

Classy and functional kitchen designs in neutral tones

Pastels are beautiful and have got full attention when combined with dark tones and glass cabinets. The dining area beside keeps it functional and easy to access. Frosted glass doors on the kitchen cabinets are adding variety to the whole kitchen design.

If you like clarity, then this is it. This bespoke design offers everything that one can dream of. From the dark tones to the understated elegance of glass, it provides everything while keeping it all subtle.


Simple and elegant kitchen design

Simple and elegant kitchen design

A complete modern solution for the compact kitchen space! Liven up the kitchen space with this perfect blend of excellent grey color with white and darker countertop. Keeping the theme simple yet elegant, this vista grey modular design matched with wooden floorings and dining beside makes it all easily accessible. Functionality is the primary feature and that this compact space kitchen design never lacks. Compact kitchens can be pretty too.


Kitchen design with glossy perfection

Kitchen design with glossy perfection

Spice up your needs with this aurora kitchen design. It’s a beautiful, mesmerizing glossy theme kitchen design that has its own aesthetic appeal. The perfect blend of shiny theme, various storage cabinets, and wooden texture is a thoughtful yet functional design crafted with aesthetic planning. The glossy touch paired with rustic tone and appropriate lighting is the perfect place to depict the taste and style.

Advantages of Bespoke Kitchens!

Everyone is different and has different tastes and styles that bespoke kitchens uniquely cater to. But do you know that it is an efficient yet advantageous solution too? Yes, the custom kitchen designs offer the following advantages over the standard modular kitchens.

  • Provide seamless aesthetics

The bespoke kitchen designs are crafted in a manner that blends well with the look of the interiors. These are housed in the cabinets and do not stand out in any obstructive manner. So with bespoke kitchen designs, you can bring a seamless, sophisticated, and stylish appearance to your kitchen, enhancing the overall ambiance.

  • Flexible

Bespoke kitchen designs are flexible and built uniquely to fit your kitchen space. Your individual needs concerning your kitchen design should be a priority. Bespoke kitchens allow you to optimize the kitchen storage space, attain a style matching your preferences, and finish matching your desires.

  • Premium Quality

A bespoke kitchen solution will provide the advantage of choosing the quality over the fixed modular kitchens. From selecting the worktop of your choice to choosing the color combination and design, bespoke kitchens take care of it all.

  • Compatible Designs

An advantageous factor of choosing bespoke kitchens is the opportunity to create a cooking space that is perfect for your preferences and lifestyle. Custom kitchen designs use every inch of the area based on the area and requirements, transforming it into a beautifully crafted part of the home.

  • Endless variety

With bespoke kitchen solutions, the entire layout, aesthetic, and decor are up to you only. Whether you like the monochromatic fusion, glossy interiors, or warm woody touch, you can choose any one as per your choice and taste. The best part is that you can choose durable appliances from the endless variety of materials that offer long-term quality assurance.

  • Value for money

Who doesn’t think about the financial aspect while considering some modifications at home? Everybody does that. With bespoke kitchen designs, every penny you pay is for perfection. The quality you will get will definitely be exceptionally high. You will end up getting maximum value out of it, undoubtedly a perfect choice to get the desired timeless kitchen designs out of all the standard modular kitchen solutions.

  • Structural integrity

Unlike the fixed modular kitchens, bespoke kitchen designs don’t settle for the same design frames and create the designs exclusively tailored according to your space and expectations. So, you don’t have to worry about the adjustments, and everything will be crafted as per space and requirements.

  • No installation stresses

Choosing bespoke means enjoying all the advantageous aspects that are hard to attain otherwise. Bespoke kitchen designs are crafted and installed by a team of experts who handle the whole design and construction from beginning till end on your behalf. So, you don’t have to worry about anything as the proficient team of professionals will handle it all, and you will have an outcome you can admire later.

  • Made to measure

This is the essential advantage of choosing bespoke kitchen design solutions. Whatever the challenge your interior space poses, complicated corners, wonky walls, or any other, bespoke designs cover it all. Regardless of the shape, bespoke kitchens are flexible and built around the space you have.

Bottom line!

Bespoke kitchen units are the real space saviors offering ample storage space to accommodate all your kitchen stuff. But this all is only possible if the services are acquired from efficient bespoke kitchen designers providing reliable and quality services.

We, at TEL Constructions, have a team of skillful designers exclusively catering to every need concerning the appropriate space utilization without compromising on the kitchen design interiors.

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