The Complete Kitchen Renovation Guide for Homeowners

A kitchen is the beating heart of a home. The way it looks and feels tells a lot about the values and personality of homeowners. Modernising spaces with kitchen makeovers is a new trend. Some people are inspired by influencers while others get their hearts pinched after visiting a great kitchen. Over the top, the main reason people go for kitchen improvement is when their kitchen becomes outdated. With the right kitchen remodelling, you can create an inspiring, beautiful and practical room. Your space might be feeling behind or the cupboards may have started to make noise. It is the perfect call for your kitchen renovation. Today, you will learn significant information about kitchen remodel. Let’s begin!

What is a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation means updating it to improve the overall functionality and appearance. It provides a brand-new and refreshed look. New fittings and furnishing are added/ replaced such as cabinetry, worktops, splashbacks, plumbing, integrated appliances, and flooring. Generally, kitchens after 15-20 years need revamping. A kitchen can have minor or major alterations. For better results, the project should always be carried out by a professional kitchen installer.

Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Kitchen Space

A kitchen refurbishment improves storage space, workflow, safety and value of a cookhouse. We get several benefits from kitchen renovations. Keep reading below to know all the important advantages of a kitchen renovation.

  • You Get a Great Working and Standing Space –The reason you might need a kitchen renovation is the lack of space. Many homeowners struggle to stand comfortably while cooking. Some collide in refrigerators and others lack a space for cabinets. Renovations mostly focus on designing a layout that can provide a great kitchen triangle. A kitchen designed with the triangle rule always functions the best.
  • The Property Value Enhanced with a Better Kitchen – The kitchen is one of the major parts of a home. When it is well-designed, maintained and optimized; you get all the benefits. Thinking of selling your home shortly? Get great deals by renovating kitchens. Since it is a vital room, buyers pay close attention to the kitchen interior and integrity. Most of them will prefer a luxurious, decent, sophisticated, and up-to-date cooking space over an untidy, cluttered, and outdated one.
  • Better Appliances Are Fitted – A kitchen is all about smooth and quick operations. With upgraded appliances, the daily tasks are improved. It will not only improve work but make it more fun, easy and enjoyable. If you are interested in new technologies, modern appliances must be your thing. They are simple to operate and aesthetic to look at.
  • Kitchen Becomes Energy Efficient –By a kitchen refurbishment and renovating existing electric goods, you save on energy bills. The new electric equipment is designed to use the least energy. They are eco-friendly and emit the least carbon. New lighting fixtures, ovens, microwaves, electric induction, and smart kitchen appliances use less power to operate.
  • Kitchen Safety is Improved –Kitchen renovation services include removing malfunctioning kitchen appliances. It eliminates any chance of accidents in the kitchen. The old fitted appliances sometimes cannot handle today’s electric power. Such kind of installation can pose a safety risk. However, with modern kitchen appliances, these risks are eliminated. They are designed keeping all the electric advancements in mind.
  • A Great Kitchen Storage and Overall Space –The process of kitchen revamping includes removing partition walls & unwanted cabinets, rearranging cupboards, shifting things etc. Now the remodelling significantly focuses on smart storage solutions. With kitchen refurbishment, the unnecessary fittings are removed. It can be utilized for creating efficient storage units.

Our Handpicked Guide on Kitchen Renovation Services

Renovating a kitchen is a major investment, citizens prioritize a great kitchen even over other parts of their home. A kitchen refurbishment service can holistically improve its value and aesthetics. Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? We have listed some of the important things you should know about kitchen improvement services. You can consider these things to get more familiar with the process.

1. Know What Your Requirements Are? – Before embarking on the journey of a kitchen renovation in your house. Ask yourself a few questions. Let us help you here. You can choose the most important thing you want inside a kitchen. Do you want an improved workflow? Storage? The better appliances? More lighting? More space? Or all of it? Ask yourself about the budget you have, and how would you use the kitchen. (will it only be for cooking or do you want sitting space as well?), Do you want an extra appealing and practical space? For instance: a breakfast bar, or an Island with a great Chandelier, are you contented with the existing layout, or if you want a shift in it? Such questions will provide you with clarity on the design specifications and changes you need. This practice generally aims to differentiate your needs and wants. Expert kitchen designing companies always prioritize requirements and then incorporate their desires. So, you should do the same for the optimal kitchen renovation. Nevertheless, if your kitchen already works seamlessly; revamping it only for its looks can be a great choice as well.

2. Creating a Schedule for a Kitchen Renovation Process – The kitchen renovation expert creates the best schedule depending on your requirements. It ensures the projects are running in a smooth and organized manner. When someone has a roadmap, the journey becomes quite easy. Just like that, creating a list of what needs to be done in sequence helps in completing work on time. Here is the list of important tasks carried out in the remodelling of a kitchen. How it is scheduled depends on the kitchen designer. The typical list looks like this:

  • Removing: Wall units, cabinets, drawers, worktops, splashback, power units, plumbing, first fixes, flooring etc.
  • Plastering, Fixing, and Paint: In case the plastering is required it is done. And is followed by fixing the minor or major issues in walls, worktops, floors etc. The necessary pain coats are initiated on the walls and ceilings.
  • Fitting: Once paint is dried, storage units are installed including wall, base and integrated units. It involves fitting worktops, appliances, extractor fans, chimneys, sinks, taps, dishwashers, microwaves, and all scheduled second fixtures.
  • Decorating: Levelling and laying down new flooring and doing required decorating. So, these are the prominent things that are carried out during a new kitchen remodelling. 

3. Designing Kitchen Makeovers by Professional Kitchen Installer – Kitchen design can be prepared using many ways. Some people prefer doing it themselves while others hire a professional kitchen architect. We suggest you find the best kitchen suppliers in the UK. They are qualified and have hands-on knowledge. By choosing an ideal kitchen design company; you can get the most accurate, modern and advanced kitchen design. They will create the most suitable design depending on the available dimensions. Share your personal preferences and requirements that you made by asking the questions we mentioned in the first point. A specialist in kitchen installation will work to optimize your daily tasks.

4. Removing Old Fittings and Salvaging the Necessary – At this step of kitchen renovation, the required fittings are removed. Here the kitchen fitter closely ensures the installations that are not to be removed or replaced should not be damaged. So before ripping out the units, it is ensured that some items are protected. A kitchen repair on a budget is done keeping in mind that the units in good condition are used after renovation. However, the poor and old programmed units are replaced. Some kitchen projects are entirely renewed, so this thing can be eliminated in such cases.  

5. Electric Connections and First Fixes – The majority of kitchen renovations if the kitchen is older than 20 years replace the entire electric wiring. Before this, the electrician will inspect all the electric connections and the first fixes. It is your responsibility to show your electrician all the socket and wiring connections. If he felt like there is a need to replace a certain part, it is done. Walls are chased out and new metal boxes are installed. Similarly, the second fixes are done after it. This can include plugging connections to the sockets. Splashbacks, worktops, and appliances are installed. Besides, the integrated smart kitchen gadgets are also fixed.  

6. Water Supply/ Plumbing Fitting for Renovating a Kitchen – Plumbing connection plays an important role during a kitchen renovation fitting in the UK. It takes hold of two major operations: water supply and waste. The sink fitting serves the water supply while the drainage is for the wastage. Generally, two pipes are connected namely hot and cold to supply water at two different temperatures. It depends on the individual where he wants dual taps. All the existing pipes, taps and drainage buckets are removed. The best kitchen contractors inspect the space for additional improvements. Sometimes, the space is damaged by stains, mould mildew etc. So, it is all removed. If there is a need to reroute the connections, it is done by a skilled kitchen renovation specialist.  

7. Heater Installation in Kitchen Renovation – Upgrading heating in kitchen space is optional for many individuals. They say, the space is already warmed up by cooking, so there is no need to install heaters. Some of the popular options are Radiators, plinth heaters, underfloor heating systems, and heated towel rails. Radiators are a popular choice, when a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) is fitted within it, the temperature is adjusted accordingly. In plinth heaters, the equipment is fitted between the base units and the floor. Underfloor heating systems for kitchen remodelling are popular. Such systems are convenient, affordable and work smoothly. If a kitchen is more than just a cooking space, go for it. For narrow kitchens, heated towel rails are an amazing choice. Talk to a kitchen remodelling expert for what will work best according to your kitchen style & specifications.  

8. Flooring Installation in Kitchen Repairing Fittings – The floor of the kitchen needs to be anti-slippery, durable, and appealing. For kitchen remodelling projects, most of the flooring is in bad condition. So, it must be replaced with a better material this time. The best kitchen flooring is both practical and beautiful. Ask your kitchen fitter expert what features the floor holds that he is about to install. An ideal kitchen floor material manages heavy traffic, is anti-slippery, has low maintenance, and looks good. The popular options to choose from are ceramic tiles, wood, porcelain tiles, granite, quartz, timber, natural stone, vinyl, linoleum tiles and engineered timber. These all options last long, are robust, and are easily cleaned.  

9. Fitting Units and Second Fixes in Renovated Kitchen – The kitchen fittings including all major and minor units are installed. For most of the kitchen rejuvenation, the smart units are fitted. They are best known for their lightweight, smart working, easy operation, accessibility, sustainability and economical rates. So, if you want to make your kitchen more advanced; talk to your professional kitchen installer to use the automated appliances. Other than that, wall units, plinths, lights, kickboards, and splashback are installed. Now, is also the ideal time for doing the second fixtures. Taps and drainage are connected to the plumbing connection. The kitchen hood and extractor are also installed.  

10. Kitchen Upgradation with Kitchen Extensions – Kitchen extensions are an awesome choice for extending the existing dimensions of your cooking area. These are often carried out as a kitchen renovation when individuals want to bring huge transformations in both space and looks. With modern kitchen extensions, the changes are done to make lifestyle easy and comforting. In general, the garden space, lawn or any room is utilized to extend the kitchen. An individual small kitchen can be more with extensions. Customize it or go with the style a kitchen architect suggests you. Always get professional help from the kitchen designing company to build an effective kitchen extension in your home. Regardless of how much space you have (small or large), kitchen extensions allow you to add a sitting zone, dining hall etc. Side extensions are popular picks for most of the semi-detached and terraced properties in the UK. Finally, while extending cooking spaces, consult an experienced local structural engineer. They are aware of all the planning permissions and local building guidelines regulated in a specific area.  

Planning Permission for Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations do not require planning permission in most of the cases apart from some exceptions. It is not needed if the upgrade is done on the existing foundation. And only the units such as worktops, appliances, handles, doors, windows, lighting, chimney, and sink are renewed. The property must have already come under permitted development. Thus there is no need for planning permission. However, if significant changes are made to your space, planning permissions are definitely needed. It is crucial if you are extending it, building a kitchen extension, or removing a structural wall. Planning permission for kitchen remodelling in the UK is required if it is part of the new extension and the layout is modified. It is also essential to consider when the drainage or plumbing is upgraded entirely from the existing one. If a property comes under listed buildings or a conservational region; planning permissions for kitchen remodel is required in such cases.  

Hire a qualified kitchen installation company in the UK, they are well aware of all regulations. Many renovations of kitchen projects are undertaken but only a few get the design approvals. So, ensure the kitchen architect takes complete accountability for design integrity, safety standards, building regulations and planning permissions. The best kitchen construction experts give you the design & plans that are acceptable and in compliance with all legal requirements.  

What is the Estimated Kitchen Renovation Cost in the UK?

We have provided all the necessary information you might need to know before remodelling a cooking space. Now you may be wondering about the cost of a kitchen remodel in the UK? On average, the kitchen renovation project price can start from as low as £10,000 and as high as £60,000 and more. While there is no common standard or design followed to upgrade a kitchen, the prices vary accordingly. It depends on many factors including project scale, quality, fittings, complexity, company expertise and more. The main parts involved in a renovation service for a kitchen involve: kitchen worktops, storage units, doors, sink, tap, appliances, flooring, electric & plumbing work, heating system installations, windows, doors, ventilation, worktops, ceilings, and paint. To estimate the approximate kitchen refurbishment cost UK, you can get the price estimates of all these listed factors. The price will be high and low depending on the number of changes to be carried out. Also, the quality of fittings installed determines the cost of a kitchen space remodelling. It would be a wise choice to contact the kitchen manufacturers in the UK who can brief you about the cost depending on your unique requirements. Generally, all the kitchen fitting specialists provide a FREE quotation. Thus, you can have all the information to budget a kitchen.  

TEL Constructions: UK’s Best Construction Firm

TEL Constructions is a highly professional and well repudiated construction company in the UK. We transform spaces with ultimate kitchen renovation services. Our work is defined by top-notch quality, unmatched excellence in design and accuracy in each fitting. We makeover cooking spaces for residential and commercial sites at great prices. Our talented team of designers, engineers, and architects modernize kitchens using the latest tools and advanced building techniques. We enhance the customer experience with 3d kitchen visualizations. With this, we present the design output with complete finishing. They get to know what their new updated kitchen will look like. In case they want some changes, we made it right away. Want to know more about our kitchen design services? Call us for a FREE Consultation.

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