How Luxury and Modern Staircase Add Beauty To Your Home?

Beautiful staircases in the home are everyone’s dream. Obviously, after spending a huge amount on your home’s infrastructure, you don’t want to lose the building’s charm at first sight. Correct?

Yes, the staircases of your home can make or break your interior’s look. So, it is essential to choose the staircases that accentuate the overall look of the interiors instead of looking like an awkward portion of the home.

Whether it be a modern staircase design, bespoke staircase, or some other, choosing the best one for the home is indeed intricate, and no doubt people are more concerned about it. Well, no more doubts on it as we have brought some beautiful staircase ideas that can give you a clear vision over choosing the style that fits your requirements and adds value to your home.

Why do you need a luxurious and modern staircase for your home?

  • Enhanced appearance and style

A staircase adds style and enhances the home’s overall appearance. Different styles, structures, materials, and colors are the essential ingredients that are blended together to contribute to enhancing the overall appearance of the home.

  • Elegant and trendy look

With bespoke staircases, your home will get the modern and stylish look for your home that also caters to the comfort level.

Adding luxurious and modern staircases to the home!

Staircases serve a very imperative functional purpose, but it has the potential to elevate the look of the entire house. Staircases are not only connecting points to go from one point to another but also the main event of your home that essentially needs to be functional and beautiful at the same time.

Here are some ideas for staircases that you can implement for your new home or a renovated one.



  • Glass Spindle Staircase

Glass Spindle Staircase is a seamlessly elegant and beautiful staircase design providing simplicity and aesthetics to the interiors. The in-line glass spindle staircase includes accurate and minimal timber details that allow the light to catch against the elegant glass elements.

It is a minimalistic and timeless design that will never go out of style. Let the natural light flood in through the design. It makes an in-line glass spindle staircase an excellent alternative to the entire glass staircase when installed with expert precision and professional advice. When matched with the beautiful oak hardwood, this can be a stunning addition to the home that never lacks in complementing the interiors.

  • Dusted Oak Staircase design with glass spindles

The Dusted Oak staircase with glass spindles includes a solid oak wooden base rail with the elegant glass in between is a beautiful addition to the home. Ensuring the durability and sturdy finish, with the understated elegance of glass, assures an attractive appearance to admiring the home interiors for the coming years.

When integrated with the matching color interiors, a contemporary yet elegant design adds a subtle glow to the interiors. The bespoke dusted oak staircase design with glass spindles complements the overall elegance, natural decor, and light wall colors.

  • Glass and steel staircase

The steel staircase with minimal glass showcases the simplicity and style at its best. With the tactile steel handrails and glass paneling, the staircase distinctively offers style and quality. Crafted and designed with deep research glass and steel combination never lacks in complementing the interiors and installed with no mess.

The safe barriers under the staircase provide safety and support to the glass panels. The strong glass supported with steel handrails and safe barriers makes the stairs a perfect fit for your home.

  • Glass Balustrade Staircase

Glass Balustrade staircase design combines the natural oak timber with glass panels giving it a bright and modern feel. With these, light can easily flow a smooth and subtle feel. The oak wood handrails and supporter rail below eradicates the need for brackets providing the desired security and safety simultaneously.

The oak wood transformed in the rounded finish provides a smooth handle rail and extra comfort. It is a crisp and clean look staircase design that does require the distraction of fixing and brackets.

  • Frosted Glass Staircase

A frosted glass staircase is a combination of timber and etched glass beautifully endowing with the contemporary yet modern feel of the home. The semi-translucent design brings more light into space while keeping the design stand out.

The bullnose edge for the desired smooth finish and clean timber styling make it a durable and trendy choice. Indeed a beautiful addition to the home that never lacks in complementing the interiors.

  • Glass and iron staircase

The unique combination of forged steel with bronze glass is indeed a pretty addition to the home complementing the existing décor. The glass staircase opens the space while the forged steel spindles seamlessly create a unique element to the house.

The black forged steel spindles added in the staircase are popular due to their beauty and versatility, whereas the bronze glass complements the color theme.



  • Luxury steel staircase design

The steel staircase design provides a luxurious feel incorporating a design unique to your home to add that graceful element to the house. The design is inspired by the modern trends for the interiors, while the timber addition on the handrails softens the styling.

The sculptural lines and the wooden handrail make it a perfect durable combination for the home yet look elegant without messing with the home’s interiors. Add a variety of beautiful décor matching the design and transform the home interiors without imposing the design.

  • Modern steel staircase

The modern steel staircase is a unique, contemporary, and eye-catching addition to the home. The steel handrail with metal panels provides durability and assurance for the longer term, enhancing the modern look.

The modern steel staircase can be customized as per the choice to add that display element to the look. It is an attention-grabbing design that can also be integrated with the lighting at panels and experimented with several combinations matching the interiors.

  • Opus Antique Brass finish staircase

Opus Antique brass finish staircase is a subtle and sophisticated design that is popular among modern houses. The steel spindles with timber oak handrail give a durable and traditional yet modish finish.

The antique-looking brass combination with oak timber looks classic and complements the interiors. Providing the home a timeless style that stands out well among the traditional designs is a modern pick. In this exclusive design, old meets new to generate the staircase design satisfying both conventional and contemporary homes.

  • Timber and steel staircase

The combination of timber and steel staircase is indeed a beautiful addition to the homes. Choosing a bespoke staircase design with the combination of wood and steel can offer the desired sleek and elegant look to the house.

A beautiful, unique design crafted as per the choice and interiors of the home. How about choosing a spindle staircase made of oak with chamfered edges creating a stylish and smooth finish? Beautiful!

  • Cut string glass and steel staircase

Cut string glass and steel staircase is a modern design that can fit a variety of room interiors and steps. The square-cut handrail made of steel with the paneling done from glass and supported with the strong brackets makes it a durable choice for every home.

The smooth brushed steel and square handrails create the desired modern look in the home with any sharp edges. Choosing bespoke designs with a blend of glass and steel can create the look and feel explicitly produced to match the style and taste.

  • Designer staircase

Have you ever thought of a designer staircase that accentuates the home’s interiors and provides a reliable long-term solution to jump to the next floor? Many have. But do you know that the designer staircases are no more a problem? The stylish designer staircase made of steel and sturdy glass never lacks in providing the desired modern look to the home.

A sturdy glass held securely by the brushed stainless-steel brackets adds aesthetic value to the home. The square handrails keep the whole design smooth and devoid of any sharp edges in between. The stunning glass and stainless-steel staircase are a must-have modern design matching the taste of traditional and contemporary people.



  • Tudor Oak Staircase

The Tudor oak staircase is a beautiful addition to the room. The handrails are crafted with a curved spiral detail creating an impressive entrance. The addition of spindle design contributes to the traditional appearance of this wooden staircase.

When it comes to the essential feature of choosing the staircase design that complements the home aesthetically, a Tudor oak spindle staircase with paneling, volute entry detail, and curtail step stands out.

  • Classic wooden staircase and balcony

A grand staircase with a balcony is perfect for that dramatic entranceway. The traditional design of the railing complemented by the natural oak finish is an ideal choice to create a classic feel.

A classic wooden staircase never goes out of trend and, when hand-polished, never lacks complementing the interiors and providing that classy and royal feel. The elegant staircase design extended to the balcony is perfect for creating a traditional look.

  • Traditional oak staircase

The traditional oak staircases are a well-admired choice for adding classic elegance to the home. Twisted spindles with a personal touch and carved volute create a style statement and a perfect centerpiece for the home. The staircase handrails end with an elegantly etched volute complementing the traditional styles.

  • Bespoke oak staircase

Bespoke oak staircase crafted in natural oak combines various features to create the staircase design uniquely generated based on space, requirements, and style. Bespoke staircases provide enough space to experiment with the materials, colors, and styles. Contrasting the wooden spindles with the staircase floor matching the color or interiors will definitely enhance the appearance.

Bespoke staircases are exclusively designed to fit around the contours of your home. From contributing not detracting from space’s overall aesthetic to making the most space available, bespoke staircases cover it all. By mixing the spindles create a sleek and unique look.

  • Classic Walnut Staircase

A classic walnut staircase crafted with a perfect blend of dark wood treads, smoothly painted spindles and a handrail is an ideal addition to the home. Keeping it traditional yet maintaining the modern look is the essential fact of the classic walnut staircase. And the best part is it goes well with every style of interior.

Stones you can choose for the steps of your staircases!

1. Granite

Granite is an excellent material for people who are looking for a unique cover for their staircases—wondering why choose granite? Check out below.


  • Provides durability to the staircases
  • Adds elegance to the appearance
  • More resistant to the stains
  • Lower value than marble

2. Marble

Marble is a perfect choice for those looking for a natural stone. It not only adds value to your property but also enhances the appearance of the home. Here are some properties you should know

Marble is

  • Resistant to scratching
  • Resistant to any breaking or depletion
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Available in a variety of products

But we don’t recommend polishing as this may tend to make the floor slippery when wet.

3. Quartz

Quartz stone is another trending choice for the staircases providing an elegant look to the interiors of the home. Here are some properties.

Quartz is

  • Well-liked for the hardness
  • Durability
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Natural beauty
  • Excellent performance characteristics

4. Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are the ideal pick for the stairs, especially the wood look tile flooring. Due to its properties, it is considered the finest material for the floorings and staircases.


  • Is stain resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Scratch and dent free
  • Lower maintenance
  • Beautiful choice
  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of styles
  • And the best part is that it looks new years after the installation.

Other Material


Timber or wooden staircase flooring can be fitted to the area relatively easily. A hardwood flooring accessory is required to cover each edge and join them together.

Timber is

  • Easy to clean
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of wood types, including oak, American walnut, and many more.
  • Increases the property value

Bottom Line!

Whether building a new house or remodeling one, when combined with a quality staircase, not only adds value to the property but also endows an aesthetic appearance to the home’s interiors. But choosing the right one is also crucial, and that is where professional designers come into the picture.

We, at TEL Constructions, have a team of proficient designers uniquely catering to every need concerning the appropriate space utilization and enhancing the beauty of the interiors.

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