Loft Conversions For New Build Homes

Read the article to know all the nitty-gritty of going for new build loft conversion, its types, challenges and some amazing design ideas for your inspiration.

Loft conversions for new build homes seems counter-intuitive as the occupants must have thought about the space needs before buying or constructing. But, looking at the current scenario where work from home has become a new normal after COVID-19, loft conversion seems to be an ideal option for space expansion needs. Read the article to know all the nitty-gritty of going for new build loft conversion, its types, challenges and some amazing design ideas for your inspiration.

Loft Conversions For New Build Homes

What is loft conversion

Converting your unused attic space into a liveable area that offers you a new bedroom, gym, play area or even a new workspace that too within your budget is called loft conversion. Though, there are some complexities and challenges as doing construction on newly built homes is difficult than old period homes. The reason is that trusses of most of the homes built after 1960 are W-shaped to support the roof. While undergoing loft conversion, the specialists have to replace this W-shaped truss with other stronger options to ensure the structural integrity of the place. But, the best part is that most of the homes today have the minimum required height that is needed to comply with the planning permission and building authority guidelines.

Types of new build loft conversion

Depending on the type of roof, your requirements and your budget, roofs are broadly classified into four types.

  1. Rooflight loft conversion:

This is one of the cheapest and readily constructed types of loft conversion. It usually involves the installation of roof lights or skylights on the slope of the roof.

If you are on a tight budget, then this option suits you the best. It is also known as internal loft conversion and requires minimal alterations.

  1. Dormer Loft conversion

To increase the headspace and volume of the loft, dormers or box-shaped structures are added to the roof.

Dormers are usually added to the rear of the property, but if planning permission permits they can be added to the sides as well.

  1. Hip to Gabel loft conversion

If you are living in a home with hipped roofs on all the sides, then converting one hip into a gable end would increase the space enormously.  

One of the hipped roofs is altered and extended along the ridgeline to construct a vertical gable end. This gives a lot of space inside and you can easily convert the roof into your child’s den.

  1. Mansard Loft Conversion

This loft conversion involves major alteration to the structure. The entire roof is replaced by very steep slopes that are connected together with an almost flat roof.

This design is mainly preferred when there is a lack of headroom.

Some design considerations for new build loft conversion

While going for any loft conversion, whether new build or old there are certain design considerations that you need to consider and resolve on priority.

  • Accessibility
  • Headroom
  • Services
  • Insulation, waterproofing
  • Lighting
  • Building regulations
  • Planning permission
  • Fire safety

As such there are no separate planning permissions for new builds. The rules remain the same for every type of construction whether new or old.

Till the things are falling within permitted developments, no separate formalities or application is required to start the loft conversion.

But, there may be a possibility that the developer has imposed certain restrictions known as restrictive covenants.

Suppose your property is on a lease, then you may need to take permission from the freeholder in case you want to go for loft conversion.

But, yes even if your newly built space has been approved by the Building Inspector, you need to get fresh approvals for a loft conversion to make sure that it does not hampers the structural integrity of the property.

Benefits of loft conversion new build UK

It may happen that you have purchased your new home thinking it would be enough for the family, but suddenly events change and you realize that you need a bit more extra space. Let’s have a look at the accommodation choices of loft conversions for new build homes.

  • Office/Workplace

Get some bespoke office furniture added to your new loft and now you can work freely, away from the cacophony of the home.

  • Study room

New build loft conversion serves as the best place for kids to study as the place will be quiet and calm offering no disturbance and 100% concentration.

  • Bedroom

Convert your new loft space into an additional bedroom that can serve as kid’s bedroom or even guest room.

  • Gym

If you are having a small loft or if you are a health freak, turn your loft space into your home gym where you can exercise and stay healthy.

  • Storage space

By installing racks, wardrobes, closets, sliding storage spaces you can easily clear the mess from your rooms and organize the stuff in the new attic space.

  • Home theatre

Give a luxurious flavour to your new build by getting your loft converted into an entertainment zone or home theater.

It’s always better to consult a loft conversion specialist or company to get the best ideas and solutions for your loft.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of getting a loft conversion done on a new build property.

  • More space

When we talk about space, there is no limitation. Space is always welcomed and can be utilized in every sense. It may happen that your new build may have smaller rooms.

New build loft conversion gives you an opportunity to convert your loft into a master bedroom with an en-suite.

  • More storage area

It has been seen that storage space often lacks for children and even adults. We always look for more storage options and end up messing our space.

Use the loft space to construct your dream walk-in wardrobe, sliding or hinged wardrobes or even space to accommodate your kid’s toys.

  • Small size plots

Most of the new builds are constructed on small plots sizes. This means over time, there would be a need for more space if not now.

Extending to the rear or side is difficult as well as not appealing. So, the best option would always be extending upwards.

  • Value addition

Market experts have predicted as per market research that loft conversion can raise the value of the space by a minimum of 20-25%.

New Build Loft Conversion Design Ideas

1. Newly built loft conversion bedroom

Newly built loft conversion bedroom

Check out this new build loft conversion that dazzles. The contrast wall colour further adds to the beauty with big dormer windows alloying plenty for sunlight to pour in.

2. A tranquil Living area

A tranquil Living area

Get delved into the beauty of this amazing living room with a big couch and beige shade interiors. Make use of bespoke furniture to make the space look contemporary.

3. New build loft conversion for master bedroom

New build loft conversion for master bedroom

This beautiful loft conversion new build showcases a master bedroom with an attached bathroom. The big dormer windows and timer roofing cast a mesmerising impact on the viewer.

4. Impressive new build loft conversion

Impressive new build loft conversion

This idea shows that you can create more visual impact by placing your bed in the center with an overlooking skylight window just above the bed for better illumination.

5. Beautiful loft conversion new build UK

Beautiful loft conversion new build UK

Choose this design to make your loft look beautiful, spacious and multi-purpose. It is the best combination of study space as well as bedroom space.

6. A tranquil Guest bedroom

A tranquil Guest bedroom

Get a hold of this design and that shows the perfect placement of the bed and other storage items. You can use it as a guest bedroom or kids play area as well.

7. Small new build loft conversion

Small new build loft conversion

Checkout this simple design of small loft conversion and the mesmerising colour scheme that brightens the space and makes it appear more roomy that it actually is.

8. Modern new build loft conversion

Modern new build loft conversion

Unwind yourself in this sleek space. The big furniture makes the space look occupied as well tidy. The big roof lights further enhance the interiors.

9. New build loft conversion for contemporary look

New build loft conversion for contemporary look

This design includes four roof light windows enhancing the ambience of this new build living area with an L-shaped couch beautifully placed amidst white interiors.

10. Open plan new build loft conversion

Open plan new build loft conversion

Have a look at this open-plan loft conversion that is surely going to make your teenager fall in love with this space. The furniture placement and the colour combination fill the space with life.

Bottom Line

So this is all about loft conversions for new build homes in UK. Getting new build loft conversion from professionals ensures that your structure is safe, protected and intact. Planning to buy a home or already purchased a one, loft conversion is an option worth considering keeping in mind the present and future needs. Looking for loft conversion specialist in UK? We are here to help. Call us today to book your free site visits and request a free quote too!

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