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Surfing the internet for the best bathroom fitters near me to style up your living space? Find out how TEL Constructions help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams!

Most of homeowners strive to style up their home space by incorporating designs that aesthetically appealing as well as reflect their personalities.

When it comes to home designing, if the kitchen is one of the favourite places of the family, the bathroom turns out to be the vital one.

A well-designed bathroom is indeed the best way to amp your home’s value as well as boost the quality of life.

Catch up with the best bathroom fitters near me that can greatly improve the overall design of your home as well as your family’s life by offering beautifully designed bathrooms, irrespective of the size of the home.

Looking for bathroom installers near me? Before that peek into the importance of a good bathroom design

Looking for bathroom installers near me? Before that peek into the importance of a good bathroom design

Believe it or not, bathroom is one of the places considered best for pondering over an idea. It’s indeed the best place for introspection and a place where ideas germinate.

But, it is also a place that is often taken for granted. It should not. It is the most important room of your home as well as life.

Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore the bathroom design of your home and consider it equally important just like other rooms.

Sets the tone of the day

Apart from the bedroom, it’s the bathroom where we begin and end our day.

It has been observed that generally what happens in the bathroom sets the tone for our entire day. For an average person, the time spent in the washroom is approximately 1.5 years of his lifetime.

In fact, we spend around 1.5 years waiting to use the washroom too!


We all know some of the best ideas pop under the shower.

Whether you want to set your own business or rehearse for your big presentation, the bathroom is the ideal space that gives you that intimate and confident feel.

Add the wow factor to home

Approach the best bathroom installers near me those will help you in getting the right design even for your smallest of the bathroom.

Always remember, there is a difference between a small and messy bathroom.

Beautiful tiles, eye-catching vanity units, resilient countertops and contemporary accessories accentuate your bathroom design and enhance the look-n-feel of the most important room of your home.


Bathroom is one such place that offers you a private zone to shed your emotions, lay off your stress and a space of solitude.

A nice warm shower can do wonders. Not only does it cleanse you but also is the best way that helps you unwind from the everyday stress.

It’s just not another room in the office but one of the safest places to rejuvenate and refresh in the home.

Practicality and durability

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the toughest and most hated chores of the household.

But, having a great bathroom design allows you to manage your bathroom in an easy and more lovable way.

Getting your bathroom designed by the best bathroom companies near me ensures that your bathroom will not only be aesthetically appealing but will help you maintain your space efficiently and optimally.

Whether it’s installing accessories or toilets, taking services from professional companies make you rest assured of the materials used and best finishing.

The best design encompasses perfect dealing with the moisture-rich environment as well as grime building.

Value addition

A stylish bathroom adds the desired functionality to your bathroom that significantly amp-up the value of your property.

A beautiful bathroom design is a big turn on for potential buyers. A bad bathroom design could be an instant turn-off for the potential buyer as it may give a feel that the bathroom needs an ample amount of rework.

On the other hand, a great bathroom design could help you crack that deal!

TEL Constructions- Google’s best pick for best bathroom companies near me

Whether you are planning to install a new bathroom or remodel your old one, the bathroom designers at TEL Constructions open the gateway to a world of whole new possibilities.

Scouting around for new design ideas for your dream home? Get the best inspirational designs by the renowned bathroom specialists near me – TEL Constructions.

We are the experts in delivering high-end bathroom solutions at the best prices in the market.

Our wide range of luxurious accessories and contemporary designs help you design your dream bathroom and add a feather to your home’s cap.

Over the years, bathrooms have revolutionized and there are just not the places for bathing or brushing up. The focus has shifted towards wellbeing and relaxation as well.

We completely understand your needs, requirements and lifestyle. This motivates us to design and come up with inspiring bathroom ideas that double your enjoyment and quadruple your experience with water.

Our team of seasoned installers and professional manufacturers create inspiring spaces that will bring spa-like luxury to your home.

We are one of the best plumbers and bathroom fitters near me for all the digital queries in the UK. We have partnered directly with major brands that help us cast a striking and most impressive presence in and around London.’

This also helps us deliver the best of all worlds whether it be tiles, shelves, sinks, vanity units, worktops etc.

Whatever you name, we have the right thing sorted for you.

Services offered by TEL Constructions- one of the best bathroom companies near me

Our adroit team of bathroom designers has adept knowledge on the latest bathroom trends and is expert in curating bespoke bathroom designs as per your budget.

We offer:

Bathroom design and installation

Bathroom design and installation

Passionate about your new bathroom design? Then, TEL Constructions is the one name you can trust blindly.

We at, TEL Constructions are the best bathroom specialists that take care of your every need based on your lifestyle and requirements.

Our working areas include Amersham, Hounslow, Wembley, Watford, Uxbridge, Surrey, Stanmore, Southall, Ruislip, Northwood, Leatherhead, Hounslow, Heston, Hayes, Harrow, Ealing, Croydon and Coulsdon.

Whether it’s commercial or residential, we offer comprehensive planning and design services for the installation/ manufacturing of bathrooms from scratch or a full-scale renovation project.

We guarantee full customer satisfaction and post-installation services that are hard to match in the entire UK.

Our direct tie-ups with the best national and international brands for bathroom accessories help us cast a riveting presence in the domestic market and make us one of the best choices for bathroom specialists near me.

Plumbing solutions

Plumbing solutions

Exploring Google for best plumbers and bathroom fitters near me? Then, you’re at the right place.

Our plumbing experts in London have extensive knowledge and expertise in all plumbing services and offer incredible installation, repairing and maintenance services.

Irrespective of the scale, our wet world professionals fight tooth and nail to deliver you 360-degree plumbing and heating services at affordable prices.

Our dedication to quality, impeccable workmanship and pure commitment towards our clients help us stand unrivalled in the construction and plumbing industry.

The plumbers at TEL Constructions are trained to perform work as per the British standards and follow all the protocols, as well as safety measures, die heartedly.

Our versatile plumbing services inculcate fitting, tiling, pipe fitting, plastering etc.

Vanity Units

Vanity Units

Looking for a bathroom unit offering excellent functionality and stylish looks? Then, TEL Constructions is the brand name you must approach.

Vanity units by TEL Constructions are an ideal way to add a storage unit to your bathroom by using the basin area.

They offer a practical way to store your beauty products, toiletries, cleaning products and spare towels.

Approach our designers today to keep your essentials ordered, organised and clutter-free.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories

Gone are the days when the bathroom was just seen as a functional space and does not require any decoration or enhancement.

But, over the years adding style, elegance and luxury has become an essential element of interior decor.

Right accessories tend to leave a long-lasting impression on guests. Give a fascinating look to your bathroom interiors with a beautiful design and world-class accessories by TEL Constructions.

Be it your faucets, showers, bathtubs, tiles, lighting or other bathware, cast a dramatic impact by creating a pleasant and tranquil ambience only by branded and made to measure accessories only by TEL Constructions – your only choice for the best bathroom specialists near me.

Having a compact-sized bathroom? Don’t worry. The bathroom experts at TEL Constructions are maestros in creating a bathroom design that turns your small bathroom spacious, elegant and inspiring.

What makes TEL Constructions the best bathroom fitter near me?

Planning to get your bathroom tiled or renovating to create more storage space, we make sure that everything falls in your budget and doesn’t make a dent in your pocket.

Here’s how TEL Constructions helps you make a difference and is unique from other similar bathroom companies near me.

  • Taste that suits you!

Founded in 2011, TEL Constructions is a brand that is considered as an ultimate statement in all your endeavours to make your home stylish and pure serene.

We’ve got those inspirational designs that are power-packed and turn your bathroom elegant, more functional and impart a luxurious feel.

Our representative will sit with you and understand your requirements before giving you the final quote.

We work with the best national and international brands and believe in zero compromises over quality.

  • Dry and Wet zones

Every bathroom design by TEL Constructions ensures proper segregation of dry and wet zones.

This strategy helps to maintain the hygiene of the bathroom as well as protects the place from moulds and other microorganisms.

Isolating the spaces using glass panels, curtains or offering a raised dry section, makes the entire thing easy to clean and maintain.

  • Designated place for every item

Be it a toilet roll or faucet, their placement should not be like a stretching exercise.

The towel rack should be positioned just as you exit the wet area. It serves a dual purpose. Neither, you have to travel through the dry space to grab the towel with dripping water from your body.

Secondly, placing the towel rack near or inside the wet area will make them wet.

Being your best choice for plumbers and bathroom fitters near me, we make sure that the bathroom design encompasses ergonomics that ensure minimal discomfort and easy reach of things.

  • Proper Ventilation

We completely understand the technicalities of the construction industry.

TEL Constructions has garnered a good reputation in creating beautiful bathroom designs and bespoke spaces that are tailored to your needs and requirements.

Our designs ensure proper ventilation so that odour and moisture get released and should not harm the fixtures. This improves air quality as well.

  • Bespoke lighting experts

Our commitment towards superior quality, passion to deliver unique craftsmanship and dedication to achieve complete customer satisfaction is unmatchable.

Whether you want traditional lighting or an attractive contemporary one, browse through a wide range of design ideas only at TEL Constructions and get inspired.

Get in touch with our designers to get a piece of perfect advice on designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Struggling with a dark bathroom? Adding an overhead light can further accentuate the darkness.

Go for wall lights to brighten up even those darkest corners and impart the coolest of relaxing vibes.

Looking for best bathroom installers near me for bathroom remodelling? Read this first

Get hold of wide array of designs, styles and finishes that completely complement your modern as well as traditional bathroom spaces.

Each and every deliverable in our design guarantees an unbeatable performance and flawless finish. Have a look why it’s important to get your home renovated by expert plumber and bathroom fitters near me.

  • Boost the resale value of your property.
  • Acts as a plus point for your home and attracts potential buyers.
  • Helps create a perfect ambience and your own personal space.

From where to start remodelling your bathroom?

While revamping your bathroom’s interior, there are many factors that should be taken into account.

TEL Constructions help you remodel your bathroom in the best way to turn it into a perfect oasis to bookend your day.

  • Start with Bathroom Flooring

It’s very important to gauge the right kind of flooring material for your bathroom.

The needs for the flooring are different from the rest of your home as the bathroom has to deal with water.

Reach out to our experts at TEL Constructions for better guidance on flooring material for your bathroom.

  • Bathroom countertop

Durability and aesthetics are the two prime factors that you need to look into while choosing the right countertop materials.

The bathroom has to handle moisture, toiletries, cleaning supplies etc on an everyday basis. So, it’s very important to select each and every material cautiously.

Need help? Our in-house plumbing and bathroom expert are seasoned and fully skilled at making the right choice as per your needs, lifestyle and usage of the bathroom.

  • Bathroom tiles

Add the desired x-factor to your bathroom by selecting classic and chic tiles from a range of options available at TEL Constructions.

Confused between Matte finish, slate or subway tiles?

Our experienced team is ready to assist you in all your remodelling endeavours. Connect with us today.

Get ready to make a difference with TEL Constructions- The best bathroom fitters near me

Designer bathrooms aren’t just about great looks or durability but a lot more than that.

The designers at TEL Constructions apply the best design principles to make sure that your bathroom is easy to clean, maintain and offers adept storage space.

By the right selection of flooring materials, countertops, vanity units, accessories and other stuff, make your bathroom a USP for your home.

We offer competitively priced complete bathroom solutions that are unique, best-suited and make sure that you’re happy to manage this space.

Get a free quote and a complimentary site visit by one of our expert designers today.

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